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The Consort Conspiracy

A Covington Family Mystery

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Praise for The Consort Conspiracy...

"Loved the characters in this fascinating story of murder and intrigue that will grab the reader and not let go until The End."

-  By Patricia Bradley, author The Logan Point series and Delayed Justice, a Memphis coldcase novel, winner of 2012 Daphne du Maurier Award

For almost two hundred years an ancient cemetery deep in the lowlands of Georgia has protected the identity of an infamous, brutal murderer, whose act of betrayal changed the course of the town’s history and catapulted the family's descendants into the nation's highest political office.

Thirty-one-year-old KATE COVINGTON, downsized from her corporate position and desperate for work, calls in her last favor to land a film documentary job designed to boost the American president's ratings and travels to his family home in Midway. But her research unearths clues in the ancient cemetery that prove his entire political career rests on two hundred years of murder and betrayal. With this knowledge, Kate must fight for her life.

AND...Coming May 2020!

For four generations, the working-class family of MATTIE MAGUIRE has served the wealthy SINCLAIR family, founders of Sinclair Station, North Carolina, and owners of the beautiful hundred-year-old mansion, Clairmont, on the Sinclair Estate. Town leaders are thrilled when, through Mattie’s efforts, as Event Coordinator for the North Carolina Visitors and Conventions Bureau, Sinclair Station is chosen to host the next International G7 Summit when it cycles back to the United States.


But fraudulent heirs and Russian infiltrators thwart Mattie’s efforts to complete the preliminary Summit preparations. And when a member of Mattie’s family is kidnapped and threatened with death, she realizes that finding the missing Sinclair heir—hidden away for decades—is the key to giving the Russians what they want and saving her family. But even then…she must still fight to save her own life.

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