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The Road Remembered
(Coming November 1st, 2021)

In the final months of World War II, Sam Ryan takes his place as a new soldier in the 89th Infantry Division on the front lines in Europe. He’s trained to kill but struggles with the thought of taking the life of another human being, a contradiction with the way he was raised. How, he wonders, will he ever reconcile the action his head dictates with the way his heart feels about it? 


On the other side of the war, Gerda Ziegler’s heart aches over the monster her beloved Germany has become. But she confronts the Nazi soldiers who guard the Jewish-only sector in Zwickau and is appalled to learn that a Jewish baby will be killed because of a large birthmark. Can she manage to whisk the child away right under the noses of the brutal Nazis?


Sam and Gerda face their enemies head-on, but they also battle internal elements on their own sides of the fighting that violate their shared values of humanity. They meet under the worst of circumstances but find a way to help each other through the trauma of war.

The Covington Family Chronicles
(In Pre-Development)

The Covington family mansion dominates the only significant rise in the small Maryland town, despite its name of Covington Cove Hills. For nearly a century, the mansion has watched over the sleepy little town and has provided the bulk of jobs for the town’s residents through its harness racing franchise and supporting businesses. Forty Standardbreds—horses with shorter legs and longer bodies specially bred for harness racing—fill the barns and require caretakers, trainers, harness drivers, and race crews, while the house and grounds run smoothly with a staff of fifteen to thirty workers, depending on the season. Gretchen Covington, family matriarch, maintains the peaceful existence.


But that serene way of life is shattered in the very early hours of a Saturday morning in 1988 with the discovery of Gretchen’s gold Mercedes wedged in a deep drainage ditch on the way to the family home—with Gretchen still trapped inside. Gretchen’s son, Steven Covington, is the first to arrive on the scene. The driver’s door is open, but there is no sign of his wife, Judith Covington, even though he knows she was driving. When Sheriff Donnie Webster arrives at the scene, their concern to keep Gretchen from drowning takes priority and it isn’t until Gretchen is in the hospital that Steven’s concern for his wife’s whereabouts deepens. Steven and Sheriff Webster, friends since high school, return to the scene of the accident and are shocked to see that there is no trace of Judith at the scene—no belongings, no footprints, no article of clothing.


As the search for Judith intensifies, Steven must tell their four daughters—Margaret (Maggie), fifteen; Victoria (Tori), twelve; Samantha (Sam), eight, and Miranda (Randi), five—about their mothers’ disappearance.


Follow the family and witness how that fateful night affected the Covington daughters' lives as they grow up.

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