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About Kaye...

Kaye Schmitz was first published in her small town weekly newspaper when she was ten-years-old. Her poem, “The Garden,” was a flower-filled fantasy that so surprised her parents and teacher, they all insisted she send it in to the local news editor. Later on she had a number of poems and short stories published in her high school newspaper. In fact, whenever the editor had an empty spot, he would contact Kaye and she would dash off a poem or short story to fill the space. During college and marriage, and children, and careers, Kaye had very little time for writing except for occasional poems from her heart. Along with constant fiction reading, singing with a group, Christmas baking and aerobic dancing, she also got a kick out of occasionally visiting psychics with her friends on Saturday afternoons. Every single psychic she saw looked at her palm and said, “Oh…you’re a writer.”   Finally, she began to take it seriously, and when, years later, she visited an ancient cemetery in the lowlands of Georgia, one of the spirits there reached out to her and her first novel, The Consort Conspiracy, A Covington Family Mystery, was born. Kaye now lives in St. Augustine, Florida, and insists that she is still ten-years-old inside. She loves. in addition to her husband, her two grown children and four grandchildren, cartoons, circuses, carousels, and chocolate.

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